With his eyes wide open – Title

With his eyes wide open —
Max Näder’s photographs from the 1950s

25.6.2017 — 7.1.2018

Max Näder (1915 — 2009) made a name for him­self as the owner and long–stand­ing head of the Ottobock com­pa­ny. Only few peo­ple knew, how­ev­er, that he was also an ac­com­plished pho­tog­ra­pher with a highly de­vel­oped aware­ness of graph­ical struc­tures and im­age com­po­si­tion.


Berenice Güttler —

Kunstverein Göttingen
27.8. — 15.10.2017

“Fitting” at Kunstverein Göttingen is the first institutional solo exhibition by Berenice Güttler. The exhibition examines and constructs the relationship between fabric and the human body. Using the media of drawing and textiles, the artist closes in on a variety of possible entities in relation to social questions, for instance about political history or gender politics. Fabric as an artistic medium is then endowed with a particular function, with the selection of the individual textiles, their color, texture, and surface as well as their history of creation and reference, being a central aspect of Güttler’s practice.