With his eyes wide open – Title

With his eyes wide open —
Max Näder’s photographs from the 1950s

25.6.2017 — 7.1.2018

Max Näder (1915 — 2009) made a name for him­self as the owner and long–stand­ing head of the Ottobock com­pa­ny. Only few peo­ple knew, how­ev­er, that he was also an ac­com­plished pho­tog­ra­pher with a highly de­vel­oped aware­ness of graph­ical struc­tures and im­age com­po­si­tion.


Kunsthalle HGN

Pro­vid­ing space for art in Duderstadt was a mat­ter of heart for glob­al en­tre­pre­neur Professor Hans Georg Näder, for he is deeply com­mited to the Eichsfeld his­tor­i­cal re­gion in Lower Saxony. Choosing his home town there­fore made sense to him.


The HGN Collection

The col­lec­tion sums up what its owner stands for: from his count­less trav­els, world cit­i­zen Professor Hans Georg Näder has car­ried home works bear­ing an el­o­quent tes­ti­mo­ny to his pas­sion for art spanning the last 25 plus years..